Start date

Monday 13th April 2020

The Lean 8 Transformation challenge is renowned for achieving serious and sustainable results. We strive to not only gain aesthetically astounding results, but to educate and inform each and every member who signs up. There are many coaches and personal trainers that are able to get clients in shape over a 6-10 week period. HOWEVER it takes a driven and educated team of coaches to create lasting sustainable change, that can be implemented for the rest of your life.

Seminar Dates

Opening Seminar
11am Saturday 11th April 2020

Lifting and Training Seminar
11am Saturday 18th April 2020

Final Weigh In
Saturday 6th April 2020

What's Included?

Weekly Check-Ins
Facebook & WhatsApp Group
Gym Membership
Custom Meal Plans
Celebration Night Out
  • What You Can Expect

    During the first seminar we will take your "before" photos and measurements, and talk you through the next 8 weeks. It's vital you attend as this is where you will establish your support network and build relationships with the coaches and other challengers.

    Each week you will be expected to check in. This is your chance to be really honest and tell us how you are getting on. If you are struggling, this is where you tell us and we help you get back on track. Failing to check in will result in a phone call - accountability is everything if you are going to succeed!

  • Support
  • How Much does it coast and how do I pay?
  • FAQ
"We CAN change our lives, We can DO, HAVE and BE exactly what we wish. We just have to DECIDE to take ACTION!"