Centurions were roman officers who believed that by working together against the odds they could be victorious! Centurion Fitness was built using that same traditional ethos - working together to succeed and achieve!

As much as you may want to achieve a fitness related goal, we believe fighting that battle on your own is very difficult. However, surrounded by the right people and with the right support, you can achieve results far beyond what you ever thought possible!

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Wherever you are along your personal fitness journey, even if you have never stepped inside a gym before, we are here to provide the right path forward towards your goal.

As trainers we have amassed over 20,000 hours coaching experience in the fitness industry and accumulated a wealth of knowledge. From this we have learned that one necessary factor is required, in order to achieve any fitness related goal...


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It's our job to make sure we trigger this motivation within you! We guarantee that if you are somebody who lacks motivation, then we WILL inspire you!

We believe that the key to motivation is 'self recognition of success' and as soon as you start to see the results from classes for yourself - we know that you will become desperate for more!

These are big claims and promises, you can see first hand evidence by visiting our Real Results page.

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It is the achievements of the Centurion Fitness family that is the heartbeat and driving force behind our results. We work tirelessly together with everyone that is part of Centurion Fitness to ensure a winning, positive and supportive culture because our obsession is your success!

If you have a fitness related goal, whether it's at the back of your mind or an absolute priority; to lose weight, tone up, enter an event, become fit, get stronger, drop a clothes size, get ready for a holiday or even a wedding, then Centurion Fitness is an established platform available for you to achieve any of these goals and more!


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Experienced and well qualified coaching  ✅

Variety of classes to suit your needs  ✅

Safe and scientifically proven training methods ✅

Large support network with like minded people  ✅

Nutrition Plans ✅

6 week transformations ✅

Personal training ✅

24 hour help and guidance ✅

Positive and inspiring environment ✅

Your DECISION to take ACTION...

When you're ready to tick this last box then get in touch and we will have everything ready for you to get started! 

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